1. Wake Up
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Classroom note:
This song can be played at the beginning of the day or if your class needs a little pick me up.  It's easy to come up with hand motions and teach the students the repeating words. 


W A K E / W A K E  wake up / W A K E / CHORUS / Wake up and have a great day / let’s clap our hands hello / hello / Wake up and feel the sunrays / now stomp your feet let’s go / let’s go / Wake up, stretch your arms please / now snap to a good day / good day /  Wake up, feel the warm breeze / now pat your lap let’s play / let’s play / Wake up and appreciate / the sky above / the joy of love / and all that we create / CHORUS / W A K E / W A K E  wake up / W A K E / Wake up!