This song can be used to get your students to rest. However, beware if it continues, the rooster will wake them up in a hurry! I suggest passing the song until you are ready for them to get up and let the rooster call do its job! The kids will learn the easy tipi tipi parts rather quickly.  
This song was taught to me by one of my students. I added Tipi Tin to it, becuase it is a good way to wake up after the last verse of Pinpon. The kids love to jump and clap their hands. I learned Tipi Tin during my Estudiantina days.


Pinpon es un muneco/Con cara de carton/ Se lava la carita /Con aqua y jabon/ Se peina los cabellos/ Con peine de malfil/ Y aungue no le qusta/ No llora ni hace asi./ Pinpon dame la mano/ Con un fuerte apreton/ Que quiera ser tu amiga/ Pinpon Pinpon Pinpon Pinpon/ Y Cuando las estrellas/ Empiezan a brillar/ Pinpon se va a la cama/ Pinpon se va a dormir/ Tipi tipi tin Tipi tin/ Tipi tipi ta­n, tipi ta­n / Todas las mañanas/ Cuando me levanto/ Canto esta canción. /Tipi tipi tin Tipi tin/, Tipi tipi ta­n, Tipi tan, Este es el sonido/ Del fuerte latido/ De mi corazón.