10 Lullabies / 10 Nanas

by Tricia Sebastian

Released 2015
Released 2015
A sweet collection of traditional lullabies from all over the world with English or Spanish lyrics. Accompanied by the classical guitar or sung a capella solo, Enjoy this relaxing CD with your children. For All Ages. Sing-a-long and fall asleep.
This CD was originally created for my youngest daughter while she was in the ISCU after being born eleven weeks premature. During her seven week stay in the hospital I learned a lot, and went to several hospital classes. One class was called the Lullaby Workshop. Two nurses and a music therapist taught an eager group of preemie's parents all about how music stimulated our babies and helped them thrive. Also, how to understand that instruments, while nice for us, often over stimulate them and can cause anxiety therefore leading to a crying baby. It was a great class, but it was missing a CD or songbook to accompany it. So, I had a mission to record some well known songs for our class and my baby to listen to while I wasn't there singing to her. I loved to see her reactions in the short time it took for her to start to recognize her favorite songs. It made a difference for us! I hope you enjoy this CD and learn the lyrics so you can sing to your babies too! There is nothing more special than that!
Many Blessings!

Tricia Sebastian
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